In October of 2001 in organization of Association of students with disabilities – Belgrade has been held the First International conference of students with disabilities. Participants were representatives of twelve European and non-European countries. Main goal of the Conference was to create international network of organizations which are dealing with youth and students with disabilities.

Montenegro was represented by Marijana Mugosa, Zoran Scekic and Goran Macanovic students of finishing years of Law faculty – Podgorica. Work of the Conference was very intensive and interactive. There were a lot of workshops with topics related to higher education with possibilities for exchange of experiences and solutions from other countries.

Necessity of existence of organizations of students with disabilities was pointed out. That in order to establish adequate protection and representation of rights of students and other young people with disabilities.

Considering the fact that in Montenegro hasn’t existed similar organization, participants from Montenegro expressed interest in better level of promotion and protection of rights of students with disabilities in Montenegro. This idea was supported by the Association from Belgrade.

Of great significance for establishment of AYDM was logistical support of Association of Students – Belgrade, as well as our participation in the Network of Youth and Students with Disabilities of Serbia and Montenegro.

After return to Montenegro, inspired, full of energy and enthusiasm we started with our work and establishment of the Association of Students with Disabilities of Montenegro (present Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro).

Founding meeting was held on 17th of October of 2001 in New students dormitory in Podgorica. There was seven founders: Zagorka Pavicevic, postgraduate student of Law faculty, Zoran Scekic, student of finishing year of Law faculty, Bozidar Denda, student of finishing year of Philosophy faculty, Predrag Milosevic, student of Faculty of Natural sciences and Mathematics, Rade Andjic, Mechanical engeneer, and Marijana Mugoša and Goran Macanović students of finishing year of Law faculty.

Until 10th of June, 2003 organizations name was Association of Students with Disabilities when the Board of Directors changed its name into Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro.

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