About us

The Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro is a non-governmental organization, registered on October 22, 2001.  It gathers youth with all kinds of disabilities (cross-disability approach) as well as people without disabilities willing to participate in activities and programs dedicated to providing support, opportunities and programs to strengthen the personal, educational and professional development of all persons with disabilities, especially young people with disabilities. The Association operates in numerous areas and through six programs: Program for Education and Training, Program for Independent Living, Program for Employment and Development of Human Resources, Program for Accessibility, Legal Program and Anti-discrimination and Program for International Cooperation, and carries out various activities related to the corresponding legislative solutions, including participation in the process of preparing legislation, monitoring compliance of national legislation with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, awareness campaigns, support for persons with disabilities in the education process, with a special focus on higher education, preparation for employment and employment of persons with disabilities , provision of various support services such as legal counseling and representation of persons with disabilities in procedures before institutions, personal assistance, psychological counseling, accessible transportation, provision of guide and assistance dogs, etc.

In our work, we are guided by a human rights model of approach to disability.

Mission of AYDM

Association of Youth with Disabilities promotes equal position of youth with disabilities in society through activities and initiatives for establishing legal, educational, cultural and social frame that enables it.

Goals and Activities

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