Goals and Activities

The goals of AYDM

  • Stimulating and involving the persons with disabilities in all segments of social and economic life, in particular in the area of education and employment;
  • Engagement in providing basic conditions in all educational institutions for all the young people with disabilities;
  • Preparation and development of skills and interests of the youth with disabilities in elementary and high schools in order to obtain high education, as well as studies via Internet;
  • Gathering and informing the youth with disabilities about their rights, posibilities and needs;
  • Engagement in exercising basic civil and human rights of the youth with disabilities;
  • Advocating and implementing the activities which apostrophize the skills of youth with disabilities and contribute to developing their potentials and strengthening their personality;
  • Engagement to create conditions in organizing support services for youth with disabilities;
  • To be influential when it comes to taking right attitudes by the society in relation ot the needs and the potential of the youth with disabilites;
  • Influence on creating correct attitudes in society in relation to the needs, rights and potential of young people with disabilities;

The goals and tasks are carried out through the following activities:

  • Cooperation with educational institutions for the purpose of creating better conditions in the area of education for the youth with disabilities;
  • Cooperation with the social, professional and other organizations, communities, and other entities,
  • Starting and implementing initiatives to change laws for the youth with disabilities;
  • Cooperation and coordination of activities with other organizations in the country and abroad with related goals;
  • Organizing counselling, symposiums, seminars and lectures about independent life of persons with disabilities and adequate trainings;
  • Organizing exchange programs and study visits with other associations with similar goals;
  • Engagement in relation to crating an appropriate environment, involving the removal of architectural barriers;
  • Engagement in relation to adapting the means fo transport to the needs of the persons with disabilities;
  • Having appropriate publications in cooperation with the media;
  • Cooperation with social, professional and other organizations, communities as well as other legal persons;
  • Strengthening internal potentials of the Organization;
  • Other activities which contribute to the improvement of the position of the youth with disabilities;
  • For the purpose of informing the members about its work, rights and needs of the youth with disabilities the Association can set up electronic and press media.

Associates and donors