Action of sharing leaflets in the campaign “This is our place” successfully implemented

Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (UMHCG) in the campaign, “This is our place,” at several locations in Podgorica, yesterday distributed leaflets aimed at informing the public about the consequences of improper parking. We can recall that the initiative campaign was launched during the twitting week, from Executive Director AYDM a Marina Vujačić, as part of the Centre for Democratic Tranzition project “Montenegro on Twitter- join us for the changes.” At the invitation to participate in this campaign, numerous volunteers responded. Some of them were from AYDM, some from NGO “Juventas”, then “CRNVO”,  Center for Anti-discrimination “EQUISTA” and LGBTQ Association “Queer Montenegro”.

Six group of volunteers (2-3 volunteers in each group) shared leaflets at different locations in Podgorica, in shopping malls “Delta City”, “Mall of Montenegro”, “Bazar”, “Voli centar”, and also at the Faculty of Law and the Basic Court, at the Clinical center of Montenegro, at Radio television of Montenegro, at the “TV Vijesti”, near the offices of EU Delegation, the streets of Liberty, Novaka Miloševa Street,  Svetozara Markovica Street and many others. This also was an opportunity for our volunteers to take a photo of all  illegally parked vehicles, as the parking places marked for people with disabilities, and on the pavements and dropped curbs.

In this action about 200-250 leaflets were distributed.

The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of the importance of respect for freedom of movement and stimulating citizens to think about where they will park their vehicles in the future. We remind you that improper parking is not just a parking in places reserved for persons with disabilities, but rather in places such as dropped curbs and sidewalks and pedestrian zones. This parking endangers not only people with disabilities but also parents with children in wheelchairs, elderly citizens, etc.

We would like to express our great regret, because on almost all the locations we have found illegally parked vehicles, and we sincerely hope that in the future, there will be less need for similar actions. Finally we express our gratitude to all who participated in this campaign, especially our volunteers and partner organizations.

Here you can see photos.

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